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InfoSnap, release 2.2.9


Enjoy the ride.

Recommended reading:

"The Survivor's Guide to MicroStation V8" ISBN 1-885315-51-1 (order from:

This book the 13th in the Survivor's Guide series provides comprehensive coverage of all the major functional components of this important release of MicroStation.

As with other books in the Survivor's Guide series, topics go far beyond just what's new, investigating how the new features and facilities impact the way we work. Coverage includes: Models, the new Level structure, the amazing new DWG functionality, Design History and the new unlimited Undo features, Level Libraries, Filtering, AccuSnap, and much, much more.

Also included is important coverage of the tools and facilities that help us get our jobs done: AccuDraw, Reference Files, Plotting, MS Basic, Utilities, Snaps & Constraints, Element Selection & Power Selector, Dimensioning, Tools, Menubars, Tips and Tricks, Customization, and more.

InfoSnap is covered in a dedicated chapter of "The Survivor's Guide to MicroStation V8" by Keith Little. ISBN 1-885315-51-1